Where is my Judge’s Feedback?


What did the judges say about my submission?

If you entered in 2015 and are considering entering again in 2016, it is essential you read the feedback from the judging panel. This will identify the areas you excelled but more importantly provide you insight into the areas which could be improved.

There was an emphasis in 2015 to increase the judging panel from 18 to 30 judges so the judges would have greater time to provide detailed feedback. Ultimately the judging panel strives to assist Victorian operators through providing advice and recommendations to improve their business excellence and position Victoria as the leading visitor destination in Australia.

Winners who went through to be judged at the 2015 Qantas Australian Tourism Awards also receive separate feedback from the national judging panel.

To access your feedback, you will require the log-in details that were used to enter in 2015.

Access your feedback here

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