Vision for the Awards

Awards for industry, run by industry!

The Awards are a platform to highlight and reward business excellence within the large and growing Victorian tourism industry, and a chance to showcase the vast array of well-run and excellent tourism products and services that our State has to offer.

Victoria is known for delivering high quality, memorable visitor experiences, thus it is VTIC’s intention to encourage and support all entrants to ensure that they give themselves the best opportunity to succeed and to shine.

The Victorian Tourism Awards are not only about propelling Victoria’s tourism products and services, but also about strengthening and deepening relationships within the industry.

VTIC aims for this to be a positive and fulfilling experience for all involved, and view the Awards as a chance to unite as an industry and share our stories, knowledge and success with each other.

Aspirations for the Awards program are as follows:

  • Increase entries each year, given the size and economic value of the industry (worth over $25B pa)
  • Encourage a high standard of entries, giving operators the best opportunity to succeed at the state level, as well as be competitive at the national level
  • Increase exposure for the entrants ongoing
  • Attract additional partners (sponsors and media partners) providing incentives back to industry
  • Deliver a sustainable program, that continues to increase Victoria’s industry standard to visitors
  • Position Victoria as the leader of tourism excellence on a National level

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