Two weeks until submissions are due!

Calendar with Deadline Circled


Keep in mind that business submissions are due at 4pm Monday 24 August 2015. Ensure you allocate enough time to answer each question equally so that you don’t submit an entry that loses steam towards the end.

Many entrants have lost steam through lack of time so try and determine how much time is required to complete your submission.

Remember to keep the Rules of Entry front of mind. If you do not comply to the rules, it could mean losing points unnecessarily.

Main things to remember are:

  • Submission content must relate to the qualifying period – 1 July 2014 – 30 June 2015
  • You can enter more than one category, with the exception that only one submission can be entered for:
    – Attractions (category 1 or 2)
    – Festivals & Events (category 3 or 4)
    – Tour and/or Transport Operators (category 11 or 12)
    – Accommodation (categories: 17, 18 , 19, 20, 21, 22, 23)
    – New Tourism Business entrants cannot enter additional categories & must have commenced operation in the qualifying period.
  • No ‘contents page’ or ‘hyperlinks’ are to be included in your submission
  • Submissions must be no more than 31 pages (inc. cover) or 21 pages for Category 25 : Excellence in Food Tourism
  • PDF submissions must be no more than 20MB in size
  • Submissions are worth 100 points with site visit worth an additional 20 points (if stated in the criteria)
  • Formatting rules apply (or penalty points may be allocated) – check the Rules of Entry!

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