Words from a Hall of Fame winner:

“Take your time. Don’t do it in the last minute. It’s an enormous process. We were methodical in approaching every section individually and giving ourselves couple of weeks in each section to get it right. Ask lots of questions – local tourism reps are very helpful. It’s a long journey, but it’s a great one.”

David Frazer, Festival Director – Riverboats Music Festival (Winner of Festivals & Events 2017-2018-2019)


First Time Entrants

If you are entering the Victorian Tourism Awards for the first time, Regional Tourism Boards (with support from Visit Victoria’s Tourism Excellence program) offer a mentoring support that you can tap into.

If you are an entrant that may have not entered for more than 3 years, you may also qualify for this service. You must ensure you have nominated online through the Awards portal and register your interest with your Regional Tourism Board.

Please note that mentoring numbers are limited, so contact your Regional Tourism Board now and get in early.

These Mentors help first-time entrants to understand the Tourism Awards process, develop their submission and plan for the site visit. Entering for the first time can be a daunting, but a rewarding process.

Past Entrants

The Tourism Awards Mentor program aims to provide advice and guidance in the areas of the submission that need improvement and will not oversee every aspect of an entry.

Ultimately, the mentor program aims to improve Victoria’s tourism offering and excel a business to a standard of excellence that is recognised nationally.


The Mentor program is for previous entrants of the same category, and for business categories only (not individual categories or the Top Tourism Awards).

It is expected that entrants will have completed approximately half of their submission to enable mentors to provide relevant support.

Feedback from Judges

Entrants can access feedback from the judges that assessed their previous submission by logging back into their nomination.

Log in Here

Once logged in, use the drop-down menu adjacent to the printer icon to download your feedback.

Judges feedback screenshotFeedback is comprised of comments from the three judges that reviewed your entry. Comments are aimed to either confirm a positive response or guide the entrant with ways to improve their score for future entries.

Feedback of the site visit assessment is not provided due to the relationship established between the entrant and the judge at the time of verification.  Entrants are encouraged to use the site visit to probe a judge for advice, recommendations or for information that will help the business going forwards.

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