Why Enter?

Going through the awards criteria is similar to going through a business planning process. Many operators overlook this process in the day-to-day running of their business.

The Awards encourages entrants to undertake this important process to investigate key business issues, realign the business objectives, business values, positioning and most importantly, where the business is heading in the future. In addition, there is the added bonus of being recognised by industry and consumers as a winner for business excellence.

The main impact should be the business growth, innovation and development opportunities derived through the self-evaluation process. How much impact achieved will vary from operator to operator depending on their ability to action the key areas of growth listed in their entry. This could be short or long-term growth.

Read some of our testimonials to understand the benefits.

  • Winners are quickly recognised by industry as a leader in their field which has a flow-on affect to peers and and of course consumers.
  • Winners should maximise their win in addition to the natural boost of profile generated through exposure of the Awards program.
  • Winners should approach their local media and market their business as a winner (using the winner logos) in all communications.

The win provides a competitive edge to future marketing campaigns and onsite promotion.

Entering the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards will give your business the opportunity to:

    your business internally and against peers and competitors
    an accurate overview of your business situation
    and improve your business practices
    opportunities for business growth
    valuable feedback on your current business practices
    brand awareness and leverage marketing opportunities
  • GAIN
    recognition from industry
    to customers your aspiration and commitment to tourism excellence
    the contribution of your team and motivate them to strive for excellence

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