Meet the 2015 Judging panel

2014 Winners on Stage


Judging of the 2015 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards will commence on Friday 28 August until Friday 25 September 2015. During this time, judges will score submissions and undertake site visit judging.

The 2015  judging panel is almost finalised.
In 2015, the panel has grown from 18 judges to 30 judges.
See who’s judging here

The Judging Panel is made up of active members of the Victorian tourism industry who volunteer their expertise in judging entrants at  both a state and national level.  National judges who represent Victoria are:

Chair of Judges : Julie Busch
Vice Chair of Judges : Jane Sydenham-Clarke
Judge : George Josevski

All judges sign a confidentiality agreement and state any conflict of interest prior to be allocated submissions and site visits to be judged. Judges work in teams of three who individually judge the same submissions before comparing scores and determining a winner. Past judges act as team leaders for the new judges.

Judges are selected using the following criteria:

  • A strong knowledge of the Victorian tourism industry;
  • Experience as a previous Tourism Award entrant (preferably winning entrant);
  • Involvement at a middle or senior management level in the tourism industry or a similar service industry;
  • Experience in developing Business Plans;
  • Experience in developing and implementation of strategic and tactical marketing plans;
  • Financial management knowledge and the ability to identify potential commercial success;
  • Aware of OH&S and other legislative requirements and how they impact a business;
  • An understanding and awareness of industry sustainability practices.

It is requested that once judges retire from the panel that they become mentors for experienced entrants and assist them in winning at the Australian Tourism Awards.

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