Name: Peter Sexton

Role: Probity Auditor

Peter Sexton is the Probity Auditor who reports on the integrity of the awards process. Peter has been the Probity Auditor of the Victorian Tourism Awards for 11 years (pro-bono). Recently, he was involved in Probity Audits for the Department of Justice – Ravenhall Prison Project and the Department of Health – Peninsula Health Pathology Tender.

He has been an audit partner in a second tier firm for 20 years, conducting audits of all sizes across a range of industries and countries including listed public companies, privately held companies and not-for-profit businesses. Peter has conducted audits in the tourism industry including Tourism Alliance Ltd, Tourism Training Victoria, Tourism Accreditation Board of Victoria, Restaurant and Catering Association of Victoria and Destination Melbourne.

Peter has developed a strong understanding of both the political and commercial issues facing the tourism industry, allowing him to ensure the integrity of the awards process is adequately maintained. Peter is currently a partner at RSM Bird Cameron.