Name: Olga Junek

Role: Judge

After an early career in the tourism and hospitality industry as well as many years in education, Olga has been an academic in the tertiary sector for the last 17 years. Her expertise in the industry comes from working in restaurants, hotels, as a tour guide and at events venues.

Teaching students about tourism, Olga draws on her industry experience, academic and industry research, and her strong engagement with the tourism and events industry. Her research has focused on international students and their leisure and travel experiences, the Chinese tourist market and graduate skills and their relevance to the tourism and events industry. Formerly a lecturer at Victoria University where she is still an Honorary Fellow, Olga now teaches regularly at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Besides her passion for teaching, Olga loves to travel, which she combines with her overseas teaching. She has also become a fledgling media writer, contributing regularly to the Melbourne blog Weekend Notes.

Olga has strong knowledge of the Victorian Tourism Industry and she has attended many sessions and workshops relevant to tourism and events. Trade shows such as AIME, Tourism Exchange and ATE have given her the opportunity to interact with industry professionals.

In 2006 and 2007 Olga was part of the Victoria University team applying for the Victorian Tourism Award for the Education and Training category. This involvement provided her with a good understanding of the nature and complexity of being an applicant (and winner) in the Victorian Tourism Awards.