Grants now available to help your business improve its sustainability

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Planning on entering the 2016 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards and have previously struggled to answer the sustainability questions?

New grants from Sustainability Victoria mean now is a great time to improve energy efficiency and cut production costs in your business.

The resource assessment grant covers up to half the cost of engaging a consultant to undertake a resource assessment of your business operations. You can opt for either an energy or materials assessment or a combined assessment.

The grants provide up to $5,000 for an energy assessment and $10,000 for a materials assessment, or combined materials and energy assessment.

Businesses have used grants like this in the past to upgrade or replace their:

• heating and cooling system
• hot water systems
• boilers and steam systems
• compressed air systems
• pumps and drives.

They also use grants to investigate and identify ways to save on:

• material inputs: raw materials, packaging, stock, stationery, chemicals, and produce
• process waste: by-products, trimmings, scrap, and off-cuts
• output waste: off-specification products, damaged stock, and surplus raw material
• other waste: scrap part/plant, paper, toner cartridges, garden material and food scraps.

Businesses that can really benefit include manufacturers, retail stores, wineries and breweries, cold stores, food processors, and textiles and accommodation outlets, to name a few.

Get started today:
These grants are available for a limited time only.

The Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry sustainability team can help you apply for the grant and carry out your energy or resource assessment.

For more information and contact VECCI’s Sustainability Team on: 03 8662 5196 or email


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