Your feedback is essential to improve the online Awards entry process



In 2017, The Australian Tourism Industry Council (ATIC) who manages the tourism awards for all states and territories, made the decision to move from a document/PDF submission entry to a complete online based submission. This decision was reached in order to minimise the emphasis on graphical stylising and place more focus on the written response, providing a more even playing field between all submissions.

ATIC are aware that for some, the change to a complete online process had some challenges. There is work already underway to improve the online submission process which includes an advanced tool for the text editor box – this will accommodate greater functionality for formatting, tables, copying and pasting.

To ensure there is an online program that supports businesses in their awards entry, ATIC are seeking feedback from 2017 entrants which will support continuous improvements for the 2018 program.

You are encouraged to assist with this process.

Please complete the survey here

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and we wish you all the best for your 2017 awards results.

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