Brand yourself, not your product


Join us at a premium webinar event on Wednesday 17 May 10:30am. We’ll take you journey into your personal brand and how you appear to the world around you. It serves as an opportunity to “sell” who you are and what you are all about.

A common mistake people make in business is not being clear on their vision and goals and target audience. Brand your message around who you are looking to serve and be consistent with your marketing.

Join this webinar and learn how to answer the following questions:

Who is your niche or target market?
What are you providing, what is your unique point of difference?
How will your brand add value?

Jo-Anne Grist is a business performance consultant/mentor whose passion is to work with entrepreneurs and small business owners through their challenges, review their way of doing things and to advise on marketing business systems & structure.

Jo-Anne’s other life passions are anything related to food & wine events, community festivals & travel! With over 20+ years in the tourism/ hospitality/ events sector, working for government bodies and operating her own business, she understands the daily challenges of growing a profitable business.

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