2017 Awards Update

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2017 RACV Victorian Tourism Awards is going online!

What will an online Awards program mean to entrants?
From 2017, entrants will need to answer questions online instead of preparing a pdf submission. Each question will also provide entrants with the ability to upload supporting images. For those entrants who have entered previously, this means you will no longer need to conform to formatting rules, page limits and page layouts. Instead of the previous 30 page limit, there will now be a maximum 12,500 word limit (unless stated per category) and 25 image upload limit. Every entrant will be able to print out a report of all responses once completed. Please comply to the Rules for Entry.

When will the 2017 Awards program launch?
The new online system is currently being tested so you can expect entry to open in late April or beginning of May. Previous entrants will notice significant time saved with the new online process. Entrants are encouraged to start drafting their responses ‘offline’ using Microsoft Word and final responses can be transferred to the online system when complete.

Will there be any changes to questions and/or categories?
All categories will remain the same. There are some small question changes in the Major Festivals and Events & Festivals and Events categories. Significant changes have been made to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander category. Please review all the changes here.

Will there be regional workshops this year?
Regional workshops will commence after Easter and school holidays going through May and June. Dates will be announced by the end of April on the Awards website.

When will nomination and entry close?
Nominations will close on 30 June as per normal and entry remains free and will need to be submitted by Monday 4 September – get started now and don’t leave it to the last minute!

When and where is the Gala Ceremony this year?
The Gala Ceremony will be back at Crown. Save the date: Thursday 23 November 2017.

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