The Mentor Program

The Mentor program is for previous entrants of the same category being entered in the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards. The Mentor Program is available for business categories only (not individual categories).

It is expected that entrants will have completed approximately half of their submission to enable mentors to provide relevant support.

First-time entrants can gain assistance through regional Project Officer support.

The Mentor program aims to provide advice and guidance in the areas that need improvement and will not oversee the every aspect of the entry.

Ultimately, the mentor program aims to increase Victoria’s industry standard and excel the business excellence provided by operators across the state.

In addition, it assists entrants with preparing a high quality submission that will go on to win nationally at the Qantas Australian Tourism Awards. Greater wins nationally will assist in positioning Victoria as a tourism leader that delivers high quality visitor experiences.

Mentor services

There are two types of mentor services offered.

  1. One-on-one mentoring: entrants receive around 4-5 hours of support time, at least one face-to-face meeting (or more if agreed by both parties) and email and phone communication.
  2. One hour consultation: Session 1: Wednesday 10 May 2017. Meet with Paul Matthews ‘Chair of the Mentor Panel’ at the VTIC office (150 Collins Street, Melbourne) or by telephone hook-up, this service is designed for those have previously received one-on-one mentoring or would like some quick advice. BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL and must meet the mandatory requirements below:

Mandatory requirements to receive mentoring

Entrants are required to complete a mentor application and meet each of the following :

Mentor application

Complete a mentor application (with mandatory documents) and email to Mike Hamilton at

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are former Judges, Hall of Fame winners and/or experienced industry representatives. They volunteer their time and expertise to contribute in raising Victoria’s tourism industry standard and state competitiveness at a National level.

Mentors sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure any information you share remains private. Mentors generally work with more than one entrant and are matched so there isn’t a conflict of interest between both parties.

*Mentors are industry volunteers who give up their time to assist entrants. They  are not paid in any way for this service they provide.

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2017 Online Entry


Steps to entering:
  1. Download and read the 2017 Rules for Entry
  2. Choose a category and download questions
  3. Check the key dates for entry and changes in 2017
  4. NOMINATE and await email approval
  5. Proceed to enter by responding to all criteria
  6. First time entrants - get help with a Project Officer
  7. Repeat entrants - apply for a mentor 
  8. Start drafting responses and collecting images!