Destination Marketing

Background (20 points)

Outline the rationale and objectives behind your marketing activity.

Tips: What were you trying to accomplish? You are encouraged to include measurable targets such as number of campaign partners, number of visitors, length of stay, regional dispersal, expenditure etc.

Research (25 points)

Who were your target markets, why and what research did you use to identify them?

Tips: This is a three-part question–make sure you answer a) who, b) why and c) what. Consider including geographic markets, demographics, psychographics, media preference, motivations for travel and purchasing patterns.

Creativity (25 points)

Describe the philosophy behind your creative strategy and demonstrate how you have integrated this philosophy into the actual creative.

Tips:Include images that illustrate your creative approach and explain how they linked to what you wanted consumers to think about your destination.

Execution (20 points)

Describe the marketing strategies used and detail the success and outcomes.

Tips: Include all forms of marketing–print, digital, broadcast, PR etc. Include how your activity has positively impacted on the destination and/or stake holders with in your region as well as the individual outcomes of each strategy. This should be linked to the objectives identified in Question 1.

Evaluation (10 points)

Explain how you evaluated the success of your activities.

Tips: Consider surveys, media monitoring, increase visitation.

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